The Gan En Program

We are committed to doing right by the society we serve. Community is a huge part of our day-to-day operations, and we want to make a positive difference and empower the lives within it. The Gan En Project is our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. The name Gan En comes from the Chinese phrase 感恩, meaning ‘gratitude’ or ‘appreciation’. It is a housing project that helps the underprivileged B40 group achieve their dreams of owning homes. Gan En seeks to empower participants by creating opportunities for them to take control of the changes in their lives. It aims to give them the power to meet goals that previously seemed unreachable. This will be achieved through a series of activities that give participants a boost towards a better future. By the end of the program, participants would have gained more than the ability to own a home; they would have improved professional skills, better control of their health, as well as built meaningful connections with friends and reliable support networks.

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